Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Gassmann,

I would like to thank you and your amazing team for taking such great care of me during my recent surgical visit.  I was quite nervous but everyone was so professional and caring.  I was certainly in good care.  You’re the best!


Dear Dr. Gassmann,

Thank you so much for the wonderful careened the successful surgery.  My wife felt so comfortable and at peace while she was going through the whole process.


Dear Dr. Gassmann and Crew,

My wife and I would like to say “thank you” for giving me a smile that will make the world notice.  Thank you,

M.T. and M.D.

Dr. Gassmann,

You and your staff work together like a fine tuned symphony, and I truly appreciate your care and excellent work.

Regards, R.M.

Dear Dr. Gassmann and Staff,

You have a busy office and move from patient to patient using your talent, education. training and hearts for each one of us.  Please know that you do life changing work for which I am deeply grateful.  Thank you for helping me when so many before you could not.  Thank you, S.G.

Dear Dr. Gassmann,

After checking my teeth and gums my dentist and I both agreed that you are indeed a “miracle worker”

 to give me my implants with so little bone to work with. You are my #1 hero and I deeply appreciate all your kindness and taking such great care of me over the years. Again many thanks, your biggest fan, E.V.

Dear Dr. Gassmann,

Just a note to tell you, you are a Dr. that really cares about his patients.  Your staff should be called “we care also” They are excellent, S.H.

Dr Gassmann,

My oral surgery was 8 weeks ago today.  So that landmark reminded me to write this note.  I wanted to thank all your staff-especially the surgical assistants, for making each visit pleasant, efficient, and comfortable.  Without exception, they have been wonderful to me.  I wanted to thank you for your professional care and positive encouragement.  I feel very fortunate to be under your care and I look forward to seeing you again in November.  C.A.

Dear Dr. Gassmann and Crew,

Thank you for making my surgery run so smoothly.  I was nervous for many parts of it, but your kindness, attentiveness and willingness to answer all my questions really put me at ease.  I have felt great so far and appreciate knowing that my teeth were in competent hands.  Thanks again! A.S.

Dear Dr. Gassmann,

I feel so pretty!  I smile big wide smiles all the time.  You do amazing things and my husband and I are happy and grateful.  G.M.

Hi Dr. Gassmann and Office Support,

I am giving you this feedback and gratitude 12 hours after my surgery. NO pain, tenderness or soreness.  (Rather amazing) No pain meds of any kind are necessary, just taking antibiotics.  I can’t believe a paper cut is more annoying. Thank you for being so professional, competent and caring. Wow, YOU DID A GOOD THING!!! Sincerely and gratefully, V.G.

Dr. Gassmann, I am so very grateful for all you and your amazing lab have done to enrich my life.  With love and Respect, C.H.